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BXL-DZ20 Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument

BXL-DZ20 Main technical Specifications

1. Applicable conditions: waterproof and dustproof, IP54,anti-fall

2. Device weight: 6KGs

3. Main screen size: 15-inch touch screen Resolution: 1920*1080

4. Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz±1

5. The device has a handle (can be suspended), a mobile bracket (adjustable angle), and can be suspended on a mobile cart.

6. Host channel numbers: 64 channels, Windows 10

7. Full-area synthetic aperture beamformer, real-time point-by-point dynamic reception focusing technology

8. Image rotation: 0 °, 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° rotation; Image flip: up and down, left and right, Image adjustment: focus adjustment, focus position and quantity adjustable. The image frame is adjusted on average and the frame is adjustable on average. The spots are reduced with 5 adjustments.

9. Image display: 256 grayscale scan depth: ≥30cm

10. Total gain: 0-100 Adjustable Left and Right Segment Gain 8 Segment Adjustable

11. Conventional measurements and calculations: distance, depth, area, circumference, volume, angle, narrow ratio, ratio, speed, gradient, acceleration, heart rate, histogram, anatomy, IMT measurements. Automatically generate and print reports on a variety of conventional measurements

12. Animal body marker: ≥24 Species

13. Measurement calculation software Package: Animal Specific Measurement Package

14. Host with stylus, wireless connection keyboard, wireless connection mouse

15. With one-click full screen function; System vertical screen display function

16. Positive and Negative Pulse Harmonic Imaging Technology and Real-time Dynamic Deformation Technology

17. Working time: ≥3 hours

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The BXL-DZ20 veterinary color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument is mainly used for animal reproductive organ examination, backfat eye muscle, heart, organ, and tendon examination.

Q:Who are we?

A: We are a leading manufacturer of animal ultrasound in China. We have occupied a significant share of the Chinese market since our establishment in 2014. Our products have been exported to dozens of countries in Europe and South America for a long time. Our products have good reputation for their excellent reliability and low prices.

Q:How long is the warranty period of your product?

A: The warranty of our main units are 18 months, main parts are 12 months.

Q: what is your delivery time?

A: Small quantity(less than 10 sets) can ship to our clents within 3 working days for most of our models, large quantity(more than 30 units)is negotiable.

Warranty Period:

Main unit: 18 months

Probe: 12 months

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