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BXL-V10 Portable USG Machine

BXL-V10 Technical Parameters
Imaging Modes: B, M, 2B, B/M,4B
Scan Frame Rate: 30 frames /second
Image Gray Scale: 256
Dust And Splash Proof: Splash Proof
Image Storage: 64 Frames
Display:5.6″ HD LCD Screen (640*480 Pixel)
Brightness Adjustment: Support
Image Smoothing Adjustment: Support
Characters And Comments: Date /Time /Full-screen character editing
Cine Loop: Support (≥400 Frames)
Pseudo Color: 8 Kinds Support
Body Remark: 16 Kinds Support
Battery Life: 2 – 3 Hours (single battery)
Charging Options: DC Power Adapter
Dimension (Packaged): 460 x150 x380mm
Weight (Host): 0.60 KGS
Weight (Packaged): 3.85 KGS
Packaging: High Strength Anti-damage Protection Box

Optional Configuration:
6.5MHz Rectal Linear Probe
3.5MHz Convex Probe
3.5MHz Rectal Convex Probe

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BXL-V10 Portable USG Machine is an ultra-lightweight Portable USG machine that offers diagnostic imaging, even capable of examining the smallest structures. It comes in three versions: linear rectal probe, convex rectal probe, or convex probe, making it an excellent assistant for professionals.

Optional Configuration:
6.5MHz Rectal Linear Probe
3.5MHz Convex Probe
3.5MHz Rectal Convex Probe


  1. Detection of pregnancy
  2. Gestational week and distance, circumference area, volume, expected date of confinement (EDC) for bovine, equine, swine buffalo, sheep, goat, dairy cow, donkey,

1. Maximum image storage for 128 frames with 400 frames cine loop function support
2. Visual design, the image could be flipped up / down, left / right, and freely switched hands.
3. 5.6″ HD LED screen display with 5 display mode support ( B / 2B /4B / BM /M ).
4. Humanized cross belt and coupling slot design, significant reduction of operation fatigue
5. 6 kinds of grid settings and quick measurement function (distance/perimeter/area/volume/gestational age/EDC)
6. Body position markers: Not less than 16 kinds of animal body position markers with probe position ( bovine /equine/sheep/goat/swine/camel…)

Q:Who are we?

A: We are a leading manufacturer of animal ultrasound in China. We have occupied a significant share of the Chinese market since our establishment in 2014. Our products have been exported to dozens of countries in Europe and South America for a long time. Our products have good reputation for their excellent reliability and low prices.  

Q:How long is the warranty period of your product?

A: The warranty of our main units are 18 months, main parts are 12 months.  

Q: what is your delivery time?

A: Small quantity(less than 10 sets) can ship to our clents within 3 working days for most of our models, large quantity(more than 30 units)is negotiable.


18 months for ultrasound machines

12 months for probes

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