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BXL-S200 Wireless Portable Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound

Technical Parameters

1. The whole machine is waterproof, dust proof, waterproof level IPX7;
2. Full digital wireless special Doppler color supersystem, suitable for cows, sheep, Horses, pigs, donkeys, camels, Small animals, wildlife and more
3. Number of channels: 24
4. Built-in lithium battery, working life ≥ 5 hours. Type-c cable charging, wireless charging, on-board, fast charging
5. Ultrasound system scan mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M and other various display modes, Doppler Super C Mode
6. Doppler color super C mode imaging: The supplied probes support color Doppler imaging, color Doppler frequency of probe ≥ 3 groups
7. The main unit has its own Wi-Fi module to achieve wireless transmission mode, 5G transmission
8. Wireless connected display support: tablet, smartphone, laptop, Desktop PCs. Display size and resolution are optional
9. System gray scale: 256 levels, system dynamic range ≥ 180dB, A/D conversion ≥ 12bit
10. Segment gain: TGC 8-segment adjustable, TGC can be adjusted with one button.
11. With English and Chinese operating interface
12. Scan depth: Rectal linear probe maximum depth ≥ 27cm
13. Probe: Rectal linear array
14. One-click image optimization
15. Measurement and Analysis: Supports basic measurements such as distance, circumference, area, and circular area, with a wide range of specialty obstetric analysis software packages for animals, ≥30 types of animal obstetric measurements. A variety of measurement functions such as heart measurement
16. The use of the main unit: Can snap to the belt, can be held. Monitor use position: Wrist, strap
17. One-button measurement of the back fat thickness function
18. Inspection type: The software has built-in animal embryos, ovaries, uterus, urinary system, chew, other parts of the inspection preset mode, you can choose each mode for the corresponding examination, professional measurement. The corresponding host parameters have been fixed in each mode. Check Mode ≥30 Types
19. Storage: static image storage and preview
20. Main unit rated input: DC9.0V 2.22A; adapter output:DC9.0V 2.22A
21. Power supply: 100-240V ~ 0.8A frequency: 50-60Hz
22. Weight: Whole machine weight 350g (with probe)
23. Image frame rate: 60 frames per second
24. Main size: 198×70×28 mm (length×width×height)

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The BXL-S200 Wireless Portable Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound adopts wireless WIH transmission technology with high clarity, no delay, and high reliability.

Q:Who are we? A: We are a leading manufacturer of animal ultrasound in China. We have occupied a significant share of the Chinese market since our establishment in 2014. Our products have been exported to dozens of countries in Europe and South America for a long time. Our products have good reputation for their excellent reliability and low prices. 2 Q:How long is the warranty period of your product? A: The warranty of our main units are 18 months, main parts are 12 months.  Q: what is your delivery time? A: Small quantity(less than 10 sets) can ship to our clents within 3 working days for most of our models, large quantity(more than 30 units)is negotiable.

Warranty Period: Main unit: 18 months Probe: 12 months

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