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BXL-V60 Portable Ultrasound Machine with Video Glasses

BXL-V60 Technical Parameters

Imaging Modes: B, M,2B, B/M,4B

Scan Frame Rate: 60 frames /second

Digital Channels: 16 Channels

Dust And Splash Proof: IP56-Host / IP67-Probe

Storage Capacity: 16GB

Image Storage: 1000* frames Image

Export Function: Support

Storage Expand Function: Support U disk / TF card (with Reader)

Display (Glasses): 80″ imaging OLED Glasses(1024*768 Pixel)

Cine Loop: Support (≥256 Frames)

Pseudo Color: 8 Kinds

Support Body Remark: 45 Kinds

Support Battery Life: 7-7.5 Hours (single battery)

Charging Options: DC Power Adapter

Dimension (Packaged): 500x240x440mm

Weight (Host): 1.20 KGS

Weight (Packaged): 8.18 KGS

Packaging: High Strength Anti-damage Protection Box

Optional Configuration:

6.5MHz Rectal Linear Probe

3.5MHz Convex Probe

3.5MHz Rectal Convex Probe

6.5MHz Sheep/Goat Rectal Probe 3.5MHz Back-Fat Probe

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BXL-V60 Portable Ultrasound Machine with Video Glasses – The Latest in Your Hands! Combining unprecedented display performance with outstanding peripheral vision.

Q:Who are we?

A: We are a leading manufacturer of animal ultrasound in China. We have occupied a significant share of the Chinese market since our establishment in 2014. Our products have been exported to dozens of countries in Europe and South America for a long time. Our products have good reputation for their excellent reliability and low prices.  

Q:How long is the warranty period of your product?

A: The warranty of our main units are 18 months, main parts are 12 months.  

Q: what is your delivery time?

A: Small quantity(less than 10 sets) can ship to our clents within 3 working days for most of our models, large quantity(more than 30 units)is negotiable.


18 months for ultrasound machines

12 months for probes

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