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B-ultrasound for cattle BXL-V60

B-ultrasound for cattle
Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

BXL-V60 is a B-ultrasound for cattle with video glasses display, which can be conveniently straddled around the waist and is suitable for operation in the ranch. It is very convenient for pigs, cattle and sheep to test pregnancy. The main functions: pregnancy test, uterine inflammation, ovarian cyst, corpus luteum and follicular development.

Veterinary Ultrasound Machines Video glasses technical parameters

1. Configure B6 type 2D\3D switchable video glasses

2. Semi-immersive design

3. The original picture is not distorted, and there is no screen window or graininess.

4. HD OLED screen

5. Screen size: 80 inches

6. Binocular 36 degree transmitted light group.

7. Resolution: 1024*768

8. Transmission interface: AV aviation head HD waterproof interface

Host technical parameters

  1. 1. The whole machine is waterproof and dustproof, and the waterproof level is IP56; strong and durable
  2. Probe: probe upgrade, no appendages; It can be equipped with large animal rectal probe, abdominal electronic convex array probe, special rectal probe for sheep/alpaca, backfat eye muscle area probe

3.Left and right buttons (convenient for left and right hand operation)

4.Work for more than 7 hours on one charge

5.Display: Configure B6 type 2D\3D switchable video glasses; Host display: 8.0-inch high-definition LCD display;

6. Can be equipped with professional backfat probe, measuring backfat eye muscle area, automatic backfat thickness measurement, lean meat rate measurement function;

7.Professional custom sun visor, adjustable

8. One-key screen off protection function, equipped with a protection board and a bag, it is more convenient to operate with video glasses

9. Position markings: beef cattle, dairy cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, alpaca, pigs, cats, dogs, etc., no less than 45 kinds of animal position markings are optional

10. Grayscale:256;

11. With movie playback, 256 frames can be visited frame by frame

12.16 channels

13.Storage: One key storage; and support U disk storage preview, etc.

14. Host rated input: DC14V 3.0A;

15. Adapter output: DC14.0V 3.0A;

16. Gain range: 10-110; near field gain -31-0; far field gain 0-31

17. Dynamic adjustment range: 12-147

18. Depth: Maximum depth ≥270mm

19. Frame related: 5-20

20. Brightness: 5-31

21. Focus: 1-16 adjustable

22. Contrast ratio: 20-120

23. Network power supply: 100-240V~1.2-0.6A Frequency: 50-60Hz;

24.Patented products, more than three patents

25. Weight: the weight of the whole machine is 1.2KG

26. Image frame rate: 60

27. Image U disk/TF card storage and browsing function;

28. Pseudo-color: 8 kinds of pseudo-color processing

29. Multiple system preset functions

30. Host size: about 206 × 120 × 35 (mm, length × width × height);

31.10 kinds of grid settings quick measurement function, multiple quick measurement methods; distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, cycle measurement function; conventional heart measurement function; backfat/concretion rate measurement function, etc.

31. Host memory≥16G

1.2 The main function

1. System setting function;

2. Mode conversion function;

3. Adjustable function of near field, far field, total gain and dynamic range;

4. Frequency conversion function;

5. Frame related functions;

6. Image post-processing function;

7. Image edge enhancement function;

8. Color function;

9. Brightness adjustment function;

10. Depth adjustment function;

11. Image freeze/thaw function;

12. Image rotation function;

13. Body mark marking function;

14. Distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, cycle measurement functions;

15. Backfat thickness, eye muscle thickness, lean meat rate measurement function;

16. Automatic measurement of backfat function;

17. Fast measurement of backfat function;

18. Abundant obstetrics software package, including dozens of obstetric tables for 8 animals, can automatically calculate gestational week and expected date of delivery;

19. Routine heart measurement function;

20. Image U disk/TF card storage and browsing function;

21. Single-point and multi-point combination focusing function;

22. Energy-saving protection function;

23. Text annotation function;

24. Image movie playback function;

25. Standard conversion function;

26. TV/VGA output function;

27. Grid setting function.


1. Equipped with special video glasses, the image is clear and easy to operate;

2. Various animals detect pregnancy, litter size, stillbirth, etc.;

3. Pig, cow, goat, sheep, horse, camel, dog, cat, camel distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, cycle measurement function; routine heart measurement function; backfat/concretion rate measurement function, etc.

4. Detection of back fat, eye muscle area and lean meat rate;

5. Detection of uterine diseases, ovaries, corpus luteum, follicular development, etc.;

6. One-key automatic detection of back fat function;


One host (including battery)、One video glasses、6.5MHz rectal probe、Adapter, host protection board, manual/warranty card/certificate, suitcase, shoulder bag.

Optional configuration: 6.5MHz rectal probe, 3.5MHz convex array probe, 6.5MHz sheep rectal probe, backfat eye muscle area probe

Veterinary ultrasound machine BXL-V50



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