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The effect of B-ultrasound for sheep on early weaning of lamb

There is no uniform regulation on the time of early weaning of lambs. There are three main methods: First, the weaning time is determined by day age, mainly at one week of weaning, and then artificially raised lambs with milk replacer; most of them are after birth 6 -7 weeks of age weaning, after weaning, all can be fed plant feed or grazing. Of course, this method is based on experience. A good method is to check the stomach and intestines of lambs with B-ultrasound. The image of the B-ultrasound is determined time. From the perspective of the development of lamb’s gastrointestinal function, at 7 weeks after birth, it can use feed as effectively as an adult sheep.
In view of the current production situation in my country, 6-7 weeks of age is more suitable for weaning. Most areas in Australia promote weaning at 6-10 weeks of age. When the forages wilt in the dry season, lambs are weaned at 4 weeks of age. In Bulgaria, lambs are weaned at 25-30 days after birth; the second method is determined by the weight of the lamb after birth. In time, France believes that it is advisable to wean a lamb when its live weight is twice as large as its birth, and the United Kingdom believes that a lamb can be weaned when its live weight reaches 11-12kg; however, it is best to use an instrument (such as a B-ultrasound for sheep) to determine before making a decision. . The third method is to determine the weaning time based on the feed intake of the lamb. Generally, when the feed intake reaches 200g/sheep•d, it can be weaned.



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