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B-ultrasound for cattle to detect the growth status of young beef cattle-Boxianglai B-ultrasound

Adult cattle from sexual maturity to mature development are called juveniles, and their absolute weight gain reaches a peak, but the rate of weight gain decreases. In addition to the continuous increase in height and length, the width and depth of the body increase at a faster rate, especially the width development is the most obvious. When the area of the muscle is measured on the B ultrasound, the growth rate will also be found to be faster. Beef cattle can often be fattened and slaughtered before reaching this age.
The overall growth and development of beef cattle showed an S curve. That is, the growth of beef cattle just after birth is relatively slow, and then the growth speeds up as the body matures. When approaching the age of sexual maturity, the growth becomes faster, and after reaching sexual maturity, the growth basically stops. When using the cattle B-ultrasound measurement, it will be found that the eye muscle area basically no longer changes. Starting from the embryo, the nervous system is the first to develop and complete the development first, followed by bones, muscles, and finally adipose tissue. Early-maturing breeds and animals with adequate nutrition grow faster and complete their growth and development early, but the above-mentioned growth and development sequence remains unchanged.



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