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The role of B-ultrasound for cattle in cattle breeding

Speeding up the reproduction of cattle is a necessary prerequisite to increase the number of cattle and improve the quality of the cattle herd. At the same time, it is also an important basis for improving the production level of cattle. In the production of cattle, B-ultrasound for cattle can grasp every production link of cattle breeding, pregnancy, calving and prenatal and post-natal care, master the technology of B-ultrasound reproduction for cattle, and constantly adopt advanced breeding methods. Cailang further improves the breeding survival rate of cattle, thereby promoting the development of cattle breeding.
Slow maturation and maturity of cows. The reproductive organs and other tissues and organs of cows grow at the same time after birth. When the cow grows to a certain age, the hypothalamus begins to secrete follicle-stimulating membranes to release stimulus and luteal-stimulating stimulating membranes. Promote the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in the anterior pituitary gland. Ovum-stimulating and holding-su can make the follicles in the ovary grow and secrete estrogen, and luteinizing hormone can promote the formation of corpus luteum and the temperature of pregnancy ring. Moreover, under the interaction of follicle stimulation and luteal stimulation, it promotes oocyte maturation and egg differentiation. The formation of phoenixes by cavitation promotes the maturation and sexual performance of the cow’s reproductive organs, and accelerates the growth of mammary ducts. When the reproductive organs of the cow have basically developed 5p, they begin to produce fertilized eggs, and at the same time, the sexual kick can secrete stimulating health to promote the mother’s nourishment, and the first period is the cow’s first estrus. From the initial feeding period, the gradual transition to maturity depends on the ontogeny stage, which is called the sexual maturity stage. Therefore, sexual maturity starts from the temperament period. The first estrus is the early stage of sexual maturity.
The age at the beginning of estrus is affected by the breed, nutrition, climatic environment and feeding conditions of the cattle. Several early-maturing breeds, warm climate areas, and good breeding and management conditions can all make the first love of cattle appear early. The first estrus of black-and-white cows is 6-13 months old, with an average age of 8-10 months. Therefore, after 6 months of age, the cattle should be reared in male and female groups. Beef cattle reach the endurance stage later than dairy cows. Due to the large temperature differences in the regions of my country’s cattle, the tough trough period of Yishipi is from August to 15th, and the initial stage of the southern blb cattle is early. Under the same conditions, good cattle are 2-4 months earlier than bulls’ toughness period. Q5 buffaloes are better than poor cattle in the first draft period e, female buffaloes are average
It is 13-34 months. The average puberty of the female blunt cows is 24 months and 9 months, and in some areas it is 24-30 months old.
Body maturity means that the bones, muscles and internal organs of the bred cattle have basically been developed, and they have the inherent body structure of the adult cattle. For example, the mature age of the ribs of black and white cows is about 14-22 months, with an average age of 15-18 months. It can be seen that the body maturity of the cow is much later than the sexual maturity. In production, cows cannot start breeding until they reach maturity.



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