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The importance of Bovine Veterinary Ultrasound in the application of animal husbandry

The importance of Bovine Veterinary Ultrasound in the application of animal husbandry
  • Whether for dairy cows or beef cattle, production performance evaluation is critical to their production management. In addition to manual palpation, ultrasonic testing has become the most commonly used method for detecting and evaluating cattle reproductive performance. Ultrasonic detection method inserts the ultrasonic instrument into the rectum to observe the ovaries, uterus, reproductive ducts and surrounding structures. Easi-scan, a B-ultrasound diagnostic instrument for cattle, uses 5.0-7.5 Hz ultrasound from a linear probe to generate a rectangular pattern, which is the most common ultrasonic detection method. The current probe can produce high-quality images of the tissue under the probe, while the wedge-shaped image produced by the arc-shaped probe has low imaging quality. Nevertheless, in some cases, curved probes (convex array probes) can still be used.
  • Before the cattle are tested with a B-ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, the feces in the rectum should be cleaned as much as possible. Stick the monitor on your wrist, enter the rectum, and explore across the rectal wall. All internal reproductive structures can be clearly observed: ovaries, uterine horns, uterus, cervix, and vagina. During the detection process, the display is stuck on the operator’s arm, and after the detection, the probe will exit the rectum with the operator’s arm. Ultrasonic testing takes the same time as palpation. The time required for ultrasound testing is mainly determined by the stress of the animal to the instrument and the proficiency of the operator. However, ultrasound detection can obtain a lot of important information that cannot be obtained through palpation: early pregnancy detection, pregnancy number, fetal viability, fetal gender, and ovarian or uterine structure. Rectal ultrasound can detect whether the reproductive system is normal, and compare the differences in the reproductive system of different cattle, which is very important for the production management of the herd.



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