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The 14th Dairy Industry Conference | Boxianglai Veterinary Ultrasound Debut

The 14th Dairy Industry Conference was grandly held in Chongqing from July 19th to 21st. Boxianglai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition and displayed its veterinary ultrasonic products.

The theme of this year’s Dairy Industry Conference is “Set Sail on a New Journey of Modernization and Light up a New Track for High-quality Development”, which mainly showcases new technologies and products such as dairy animal breeding, dairy processing, pasture machinery, feed, and quality inspection. and new equipment, aiming to comprehensively display the key technologies and development trends of all links in the industrial chain.

As an enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of veterinary ultrasound products, Boxianglai Electronic Technology displayed a variety of high-quality products at this exhibition, demonstrating its strength and influence in the field of veterinary ultrasound. A variety of veterinary ultrasonic machines exhibited by Bo Xianglai are suitable for various animals, such as pigs, cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels, etc. These products incorporate advanced ultrasound technology with an intuitive interface and ergonomic design that allow users to easily navigate through various imaging modes and settings, ensuring a smooth workflow and efficient diagnosis.

At the exhibition site, Boxianglai staff introduced the characteristics and advantages of various veterinary ultrasonic products to visitors in detail, and conducted on-site demonstrations and trials. These products not only meet the needs and budgets of different customers, but also demonstrate the professionalism and innovation of Boxianglai in veterinary ultrasound technology.

This exhibition provides a platform for enterprises to display products and share experience, and also provides an opportunity for professionals in the industry to learn and communicate. By displaying its veterinary ultrasound products, Boxianglai Electronic Technology has further enhanced its brand awareness and market competitiveness, and also contributed to the development and progress of the animal husbandry industry.



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