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Sheep Ultrasound Scanner to check the breasts of lactating ewes

The ewe reaches the peak of lactation 3 weeks after delivery. At this stage, the ewe’s udders need to be checked frequently with B-ultrasound. The ewe’s udders should be kept free of obvious mastitis. If there are obvious breasts on the B-ultrasound. Inflammation, you need to treat the ewe’s breasts in time. However, it drops sharply after 9-12 weeks. At this time, lactation can only meet 5-10% of the nutritional needs of the lamb, and at this time, the ewe’s feed consumption for milk formation is greatly increased, so the lamb’s late weight gain rate is significantly reduced, but it is still necessary She often uses B-ultrasound to check the breasts to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of breast milk.
The actual time and weight of weaning lambs should be determined by the development of their rumen function and the ability to live independently, which has been converted to forage nutrition. The development of lamb’s rumen function can be divided into three stages, namely the non-rumination stage from birth to 3 weeks of age, the transition stage from 3-8 weeks of age, and the ruminating stage from 8 weeks of age to adulthood. The digestive system of each stage is Observation on sheep with B ultrasound is more obvious.



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