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Application range of veterinary ultrasound for pigs in pig farms

The scope of application of B-ultrasound for pigs in pig farms — What can B-ultrasound for pigs do? B-ultrasound for pigs has been widely used in pig farms. Now let’s summarize the application of B-ultrasound for pigs to detect sows and what can be achieved.

1. B-ultrasound for pigs can check the development of the reproductive system of sows and eliminate sows with poor reproductive system development

2. Before breeding, Boxianglai pigs can be used to monitor follicular development and ovulation with B-ultrasound to provide a reliable scientific basis for when to breed and increase the breeding rate;

3. Early pregnancy monitoring for pigs with B-ultrasound can detect empty sows in time as early as 18 days after mating, so that they can be treated as soon as possible;

4. The B-ultrasound monitoring of Boxianglai pigs during pregnancy can detect stillbirths, mummified fetuses, embryo absorption, etc., and estimate the number of pregnant babies;

5. B-ultrasound monitoring of pigs during parturition can determine the vitality of the fetus and whether the fetus and afterbirth are exhausted;

6. Postpartum Boxianglai pigs can be monitored with B-ultrasound to observe the recovery of the uterus, and at the same time diagnose reproductive disorders such as endometritis, pyometra, and effusion.

7. B-ultrasound for imported pigs can be used to measure back fat thickness and eye muscle area in vivo, providing accurate data for breeding pigs and quality identification.



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